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AHMA Confidence Index Hits All-Time High in March

Manufacturers also expressed overwhelming support for Mitt Romney versus Barack Obama and a strong belief that the Health Care Act should be declared unconstitutional.

Schaumburg, Illinois, April 4, 2012 — The American Hardware Manufacturers Association’s AHMA Home Improvement Industry Confidence Index’s Current Situation Index improved in March to an all-time high of 350 from 270.8 in February (March 2008 = 100), while the Future Expectations Index also increased to 298.3 from 229.3.

In comparing current sales levels to year-ago levels, 84 percent of respondents said sales were higher in March versus year-ago levels, up from 65 percent in February.  For March, 11 percent reported sales were even, and five percent said sales were below year-ago levels.

Looking forward six months, 84 percent of March respondents said they expect sales to be above current levels, up from 68 percent in February.  In March, 16 percent of respondents said they expect sales to be even in six months and zero percent expect sales to be below current levels.

Looking forward one year, 89 percent of respondents project sales will be higher, up from 65 percent who felt that way in February.  Five percent of March respondents project sales will be even one year from now and five percent project sales will be below current levels.

Timothy S. Farrell, President and Chief Executive Officer of the American Hardware Manufacturers Association (AHMA), said:  “With 84 percent of our members reporting sales levels higher than they were one year ago, we are obviously pleased with the positive momentum and have hopes that the trend continues.  Moving forward, however, we fully realize that continuing unsatisfactory employment levels and a still-struggling housing sector within the home improvement industry present major obstacles to steady, long-term growth.”

“Hot Topic” Questions

The March Confidence Index survey asked two supplemental questions of AHMA members:

“If the 2012 presidential election presents a choice between Mitt Romney and Barack Obama, who would you vote for?” and “The Supreme Court is about to rule on the constitutionality of the new health reform law.  Do you think the Court should rule the law to be constitutional?”

To the first question, on the presidential election, 89 percent responded “Romney,” five percent responded “Obama,” and five percent responded “Not Sure.”

On the constitutionality of the Health Care Act, 21 percent responded “Yes,” five percent responded “Not Sure,” and 74 percent responded “No.”

About the AHMA Home Improvement Industry Confidence Index

The AHMA Home Improvement Industry Confidence Index is a monthly indicator of the economic health and “mood” of the industry based on a survey of AHMA members.

The data collected from the survey produces two Indexes indicating:  1) Current Situation and  2) Future Expectations.  Both Indexes use survey data from March 2008 as the base reference point so that March 2008 = 100.

The AHMA Home Improvement Industry Confidence Index results are released on the first Wednesday of every month.

Results of the Index survey are viewable online here:    

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